Our Story


We've been waiting for you and if you're the type of girl we think you are, you've been waiting
for us too. We're not like the usual fashion brands you get around here, you see. Were a little bit
different...See, We already have experience in offering high value for money, missbehaved was founded by the boss babe at poundlashes if you know you know, if you don’t know get to know! The UK’s first and leading one pound eyelash brand! And since we are about unique we can’t wait to share some unique fashion with you! 

Anyway! we don't care what other people are doing really, we want everyone to do well! We're in our own lane and we want to empower all you boss babes to wear what you want, when you want and exactly how you want it.

Inspired by your favourite insta babes, celebs and catwalks - there truly is something for
everyone. Our #misbehaved team are always breaking the rules in sourcing and designing the
latest trends at the best price so that you can show off your unique personality through your

We believe fashion is about more than just what clothes you wear, it's about how you feel and
the energy you give off when you wear them. We want our girls to have attitude and lots of it.
We want them to feel invincible so they can ooze sex appeal, confidence and attitude 24/7!
Whether you're causing mischief while you're out for drinks with the girls, on a hot date or on
your next big adventure - our clothes are THE perfect accessory to any shenanigans.

MisBehaved isn't just a brand, it is a lifestyle. It's how you present yourself in not only fashion,
but life, love and business. We're here to make you the best version of yourself.
So are you ready to be MisBehaved and join the club in being outspoken and standing out?
Behaving is boring anyway!!
P.S Rules are made to be broken, if you don't break them, someone else will.
Love always,